The Banksville Community House, Inc.

Welcome to the Banksville Community House!

The Banksville Community House has been serving the communities of Greenwich, Stamford and North Castle since 1937.

The Banksville Community House, Inc., founded in 1937, is a non-profit community organization serving children, families, and adults in the Greenwich, North Castle, and North Stamford communities. As the Banksville Community House sits on the State Line, it serves members from both NY and CT. Located at 12 Banksville Road, off of North Street; it sits on 10 lovely acres, 4 acres of which are conservation land. There are a variety of programs running throughout the year, as well as a summer camp program. During the year, the Board of Directors plans activities geared to the interests and needs of the community.

Founded in 1936, getting its start in Finch’s Country Store to provide space to a Boy Scout Troop, it soon became clear the need for space for children’s programs in the local area. Two gentlemen, R. Eugene Curry and Julian Howay, enlisted the financial help of several prominent people, and The Banksville Community House was founded.

In 1939, the first BCH President, Herbert Bertrand, bought the old Jensen Farm and presented it to the people of Banksville as a gift, to be represented by the Board of Directors. Thus, the BCH moved to its current home at 12 Banksville Road.

The Banksville Community House * 12 Banksville Road * Greenwich * CT * 06831      for more information please call 203-622-9597 or email us at bchinfo@optonline.net


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Joseph S. Huley, President

M.J. Watson, Treasurer

Barbara Lovely and Janet Huley, Co-Secretary

2014 – 2015 Board of Directors

Carina Troy                    Director

Catherine Portu             Director

Dan Natale                     Director

Donna Natale                 Director

Gary Statham                Director

Kristin Galvin                 Director

Peggy Nedder                Director

Walter Watson               Director

Doris Finch Watson       Director Emeritus



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